The “Muse”

What is this thing the greatest of the great have been seeking?  What is a Muse – or where does an artists’ inspiration come from?  I find it in the things around me, my loved ones, nature, green and more green – and especially Paris – but I think the golden thread that runs through my “inspiration” is happiness…. when and where I am happy I am “mused” – or inspired.  Sometimes, just sometimes, this muse hides behind the daily stuff – the daily hum drum which does not inspire but drags down creativity….. but it also needs to be done…..

And sometimes one succeeds to create within it all….. and that is GOD’s  GRACE!

When creativity creeps back

When you work very hard on your art for a while there comes a time/moment/month – when your muse, or joy or whatever you want to call this, fades a bit, and then it is time to do other things….. amazingly this muse or mystical desire to paint creeps back and when you least expect it, IT’S BACK!

Amazingly this is when you start to look at life differently and with more intense vision….. and then it is time to take up your pencils, brushes, or pastels and just do it!

Decisions to make

Sometimes it is not the things that make our hearts sing which we busy ourselves with…. it is the things that makes the world go round…. but not make your heart beat.

Perhaps every now and again one should re-think this, and make up your own mind about what is important in life – and what to care for and what not.

I am thinking…….

Lots to think about

The last two months held lots of excitement, emotional ups and downs and a lot of joy….. Vernon and I had our “From Paris to Pop” exhibition and it was a great success.  Both of us sold pictures and we also sold a few statues for Marieke Prinsloo – which is one of those “feel good” things one do…. as Vernon says:  “paying it forward”.

Then we had the “Friends in Art” exhibition from 16 to 31 May at the P.J.Olivier Art centre which, although not so many works sold, in the current economic climate was successful.  Not only in selling art, but in showcasing my friends’ work and we even had a spot on LITNET and had articles in the local newspapers.

Currently I am preparing to do a Nude for the Oude Libertas exhibition. This is a group exhibition with “friends in art.”

I am excited about my art….. it is becoming such a driving force in my life…. I am constantly thinking of which picture to do next, and can not decide should it be pastell, or oil, or both?  – I want to experiment more…. have more time for art…..

And all in all….. I am so grateful that along the way my time in Paris – is meaningful and can bring joy to people – not only those I know but also those I got to know….

Joy in Art and Art through Joy…… Thankfull to be a part of something greater than just me……

what is inspiration

a heavy word – loaded with expectations….. for me a daunting word…. – it is what i love, feel, experience and see…. when i am not inspired i am not able to create – that must be it, it is the essence of creation… where the beginning of creativity lies…….