After initial frenzy of an opening at a gallery and works that had to be finished I now have time to think upon what I want to and can do…. and should do….. essentially I think it will be the marketing aspect which defines my decision…. I will have to get out there….but for now I can post a few new works ……

Running with my shadow – done for Celebrating 2015 at Oude Libertas Gallery Stellenbosch

Reflections – done for Oude Libertas Gallery Celebrating 2015 exhibition


Almost there … done for Celebrating 2015 at Oude Libertas Gallery Stellenbosch

Hirondelle 1

Hirondelle 5 …

I am back

I have missed the opportunity to create – I have now structured my life so that this is what I can and may do… and so onward I go!  I will post new work as soon as possible.  See you soon…!

It’s been a while

Working with other artists and promoting their work, but not getting to my own – I have to get a balance in what I do.

These I did for an exhibition at the Breytenbach Gallery in January/February 2014.

30 x 50 cm
50 x 100 cm


To make art takes courage – Matisse was a wise man…. and to show art takes more courage…. (that’s my point of view).  Sometimes I think we artists like the pain of having to show that which is precious to you and which you dreamt about, and then, there are always the unbridled viewpoints of the not so enlightened slightly intoxicated viewers at openings who can say something(s) which can really hurt….. can smash your artist heart….

Don’t let it keep you down my artist friend…. art critics and viewers who think they are are so very fickle – today they like your work, tomorrow it is not good enough….. ENJOY your art…. make art for yourself.  Then appreciation will come

Life’s inspiration

I sometimes wonder where inspiration comes from and then I find myself inspired by the things that I experience, the stuff happening around me, and the environment I find myself in….. and I find it a bit scary that I can be so influenced by that which I experience…. – and for some or other reason I find myself wondering if people will understand the things I am inspired by….? Perhaps…. but artists are brave people, therefore I will endure!